Jane Seymour reveals her newest projects at the 61st Monte-Carlo TV Festival
BY Yako Molhov
The iconic face of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and former president of The Monte-Carlo Television Festival jury Jane Seymour was one of the many celebrities who attended the 61st edition of the Monte-Carlo Television festival.
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Jane Seymour started her round-table interview with journalists talking about her role in Dr Quinn and her design label. The actor revealed that her role all happened because at the time (the early 90s) she was beyond bankrupt because of her then ex-husband and she was devastated and her mother has always said to her, because she survived WWII in a Japanese camp in Indonesia for a three and a half years, "darling, when life is hard and is a challenge, you have to accept it, open your heart and reach out to help someone else; when you reach out you have a purpose; when you have a purpose love comes in your life" and that is why she created her Open Hearts Foundation which is on most of her jewelry line. She is also a painter and she gave her last money before she thought she was going to be bankrupt to an artist to paint her children, he saw her painting and taught her how to do watercolor and she has been painting ever since, she has over 4000 original pieces, exhibitions. Her jewelry represents two hearts that are open and connect, came from one original painting she did. She trademarked it and it became jewelry, she wore it on Dancing with the Stars and the biggest jeweler in America saw it and asked about it and they offered her a deal to which she agreed only if they also can raise money for organizations for people who have taken up a challenge and used it to help others. It ended up being the most-successful type of jewelry in America, with retail sales of over a billion dollars and they raised a lot of money for her charity. For Seymour her spare time means painting and designing. She doesn't want to have only paintings on the wall, she loves the idea of art that you wear. She loves anything creative.

The main thing that Seymour loves about acting is the freedom to allow herself to be someone else with flaws, in situations she hasn't experienced.
As far as her other favorite things in life are concerned - Seymour revealed that she did ballet when she was young and wanted to do it professionally but got injured when she was 17 years old but she still dances as in almost every movie she stars there is dancing involved and having a background in dancing really helped her in her acting career. She did many period pieces and in it there is knitting, dancing, spinning, embroidery, making lace and she can do all of the above.

As far as ageism and age discrimination in the industry is concerned, Seymour agreed that it still exists but because of streaming, now that there are not only the major networks that are trying to sell products to younger people, streamers like Acorn who are targeting people aged 25-65 and older but it is edgy and entertaining for also young people to like it. You can really cater to what people taste is, you don't have to worry about advertising and what people say, show and do. We are very fortunate now that we have so much material to watch now and they can do it authentically.

In terms of new content for streamers, Seymour revealed that she is now pitching a project that her son has put together called Fame and Misfortune that hasn't been picked up yet but everyone loves it - AMC is repping it. The project will be like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Schitt's Creek and Extras and she plays a heightened version of Jane Seymour, the other Jane Seymour. She is also working on a movie she is financing and is now looking for the leading man - she will also play in it but her main role will be that of the producer. The actor also spoke about a third new project which has signed major talent but did not reveal any further details.

When asked about her experiences with Netflix's The Guardians of Justice, Seymour admitted that she has never seen it and she still can't believe she is still in it because she was on set only one day. They gave her a blonde wig and a cigar on a green screen and she had no idea what she's done in this show. Her agent at the time was a big follower of the comic books and he said "oh, you gotta do this, just trust me" and he said the same thing about Smallville.

Harry Wild

Regarding her popularity in Central and Eatern Europe for Dr. Quinn, Seymour shared her experiences shooting in Romania where she did 3 movies and joked that it was as if the pope was visiting the country. Everybody in Romania, everywhere she went or Poland, Russia - everybody recognized her as Dr. Quinn, saying that even former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was a fan of the series. She is aware of her popularity in the region. When she was 13 years old, she visited communist Hungary and stayed there for a month and experienced and knew what this life was like. She was also told that following the fall of Romanian dictator Ceausescu the first thing that everybody saw was Dr. Quinn. Seymour is very proud of that because that something that is so universal about a country that you don't know but a country that was all immigrants, people escaping from somewhere else, it must have been very uplifting for people to see a woman that was strong in that era, racism, different cultures. Her family comes from Poland and Russia on her father's side, they were refugees and what she sees now happening in the world, she can identify with that. Seymour also added that it was true that people didn't believe in the success of Dr. Quinn in the beginning and she went to an affiliate's meeting and when she got the stage and said "I've been watching all the other shows for CBS and this is the winner" and they told her you shouldn't say that and she answered "why not, don't you want people to watch it"?

Regarding her latest role as Harry Wild in the eponymous show, Seymour said that she asked her family before accepting the role if they were ok with her moving to Ireland for the shooting. The actor said that her job is a gift - many people don't want to work when they turn 70 but she says "wow, bring it on, I got more work, fabulous work than before". She also said that the series is one of the best works she has done. She also noted that the people who want more Dr. Quinn are ok now because they got Harry Wild. In her opinion many women, secretly, want to be like Harry Wild - to march to the beat of their own drum, if they have a child they don't have to be married, if they see a guy they really want to be with they do, if they don't - they don't. The series also has three generations - her, her son and her young sidekick with whom she solves cases. People care about the relationships between the characters, it's beautifully written. She also revealed that there is only one country that still doesn't have the series and that is France - she joked that that was the reason she was in Monte-Carlo. At a meeting, AMC invited her to speak to all the networks executives and they told her never in the history of AMC has anyone sold a project as good as she did, it was their number one show to which she jokingly replied "don't underestimate a 71-year old person".

For Jane Seymour the proudest projects she has taken part in and that she highlighted were Dr. Quinn - a timeless entertainment and education for all cultures for the rest of time; to depict WWII in War and Remembrance was a great honor, especially because of her heritage; she loved making people laugh in Wedding Crashers; she also has a new project called Ruby's Choice that is proud of which is not out yet - a project about dementia and Alzheimer's.
Jane Seymour OBE (born Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg; 15 February 1951) first gained popularity as one of the Bond girls - she was cast as "Solitaire", in Live and Let Die (1973). Seymour's other film roles include Somewhere in Time (1980), The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982), La Révolution française (1989), Wedding Crashers (2005), Love, Wedding, Marriage (2011), Little Italy (2018), The War with Grandpa (2020) and Friendsgiving (2020).
Her roles in television include Captains and the Kings (1976). In 1982, Seymour won her first Golden Globe for Best Actress for East of Eden (1981). She received additional Golden Globe nominations for the television film The Woman He Loved (1988), in which she portrayed Wallis Simpson, and the miniseries War and Remembrance (1988-1989), for which she was nominated twice consecutively in addition to receiving another Emmy nomination. By this time, Seymour had won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for Onassis: The Richest Man in the World (1988), in which she played Maria Callas. In 1993, Seymour was cast as Dr. Michaela Quinn in the television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, a medical drama set in the Wild West which ran for 6 seasons and resulted in a further two Emmy nominations and four Golden Globe nominations, including one win.
The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor has also played in series The Kosminsky Method, B Positive, Jane the Virgin and Hooten & the Lady. One of her latest projects is Irish mystery thriller Harry Wild, in which she plays the titular retired English professor who always meddles in the cases assigned to her police detective son. The series has been renewed for a second season by Acorn TV.
Seymour is also a successful entrepreneur and author. She is the founder of the Open Hearts Foundation. Under the Jane Seymour Designs label, she has created jewellery, scarves, furniture, rugs, handbags, paintings and sculptures.
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