iQIYI’s AI Innovations
Liu Wenfeng, Chief Technology Officer of iQIYI, talks about the company’s recent developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies which allow to quickly adapt content for viewers in different markets across Asia.
Liu Wenfeng, Chief Technology Officer of iQIYI
AI has been gaining quite the momentum in the past few years, affecting different elements of our lives. What are the main benefits of using this technology for iQIYI’s operations, in what areas is it most beneficial?
As a technology-based entertainment company, iQIYI is adopting AI and other new technologies in the film and television industry, promoting technological applications in the different stages of content creation, management, and production, so as to drive the industrialization of China’s film and TV industry and produce quality content with lower cost and higher efficiency.

What AI tools has your company developed so far?
AI Video Restoration Technology: ZoomAI Video Enhancement Solution – iQIYI’s proprietary ZoomAl restoration technology, makes the company the first in the industry to apply deep learning to film restoration, resolution enhancement, and smart frame interpolation, significantly improving the viewing quality for a wide array of content such as black-and-white films, classic drama series, documentaries, animated series, and UGC content. With the adoption of ZoomAI restoration technology, iQIYI has increased video processing efficiency by 500 times and expanded its collection of ultra-high-definition (4k/8k) video content, providing viewers with an ultimate audiovisual experience. Through a combination of manual and ZoomAI video restoration, iQIYI has successfully restored hundreds of classic films from the 1950s and 1960s. According to iQIYI, viewership of such restored classic films has seen a 5-10 time increase.

Also, IQDubbing system is an intelligent dubbing platform developed by iQIYI. Driven by AI-enabled voice conversion and synthesis technology, IQDubbing replicates the rhythm and emotion of voice and improves production efficiency significantly. While traditional dubbing requires many voice actors for one piece of content, iQDubbing only needs one for all the parts. As a result, IQDubbing reduces the time cost of dubbing and improves delivery of content. For a 45-minute TV show episode, dubbing with IQDubbing only takes 1/6 of the time traditional dubbing would take. IQDubbing currently supports Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai languages, and is increasingly used for iQIYI’s content distribution in overseas markets.

iQIYI’s proprietary machine translation technology based on the universal Machine Translation Post Edit (MTPE) model continues to improve the efficiency of human translation, reducing translation time by 30%. Currently, the technology supports translations from simplified Chinese to Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and other languages. As of now, some of the iQIYI dramas in Malaysia have completely switched from manual translation to automated AI translation. With the wider application of the technology in overseas distribution, iQIYI is expected to save hundreds of millions of yuan in translation costs.

Empowered by AI intelligent analysis and 3D reconstruction technology, iQIYI Video-in Ads can help advertisers quickly identify ideal scenes for product placement and automate the placement of visuals and products into the episode(s) as the story progresses, to achieve an effective integration of the brand and product value into the storyline.

Tell us a little bit more about your recent deal with Baidu on AI-generated content. What does this deal include and what type of content have you planned? Are iQIYI users already watching AI-generated content?
On February 15, iQIYI announced a framework agreement with Baidu, connecting iQIYI to Baidu’s generative dialogue product ERNIE Bot. Under the agreement, iQIYI and Baidu will jointly explore leveraging generative AI technology on iQIYI’s various business endeavors, including content search, promotion, novel creation and tools, among other areas. The partnership marries iQIYI’s rich online entertainment resources and Baidu’s advanced technologies, which further empowers iQIYI to enhance its creative capabilities, production efficiency, and the ability to provide superior user experiences.
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