ICM on the social and information front
The Institute of Cognitive Modeling (ICM) is a research and development organization, engaged in social technologies and providing services in the field of social communication, and one of Ukraine’s leading companies in this field with offices in Kyiv and Brussels.
In a matter of hours, the Telegram and Viber channels of the ICM were transformed into a powerful information eco-system that notifies promptly verified information about the course of the war. From bomb shelters, on the road, in different parts of the country, day and night – the ICM team is working to ensure that Ukraine and the world receive truthful information and fight Russian propaganda. For this purpose, the channel is already being conducted in several languages.

Initialy, ICM had 45 employees. Volunteers have also joined the institute’s team, including journalists, designers, SMM. The ICM works in union with the government and publishes only verified information.

Public figures have also been engaged with their audience to help fight propaganda.

More than 5 million readers follow ICM’s channels and the number is growing.

Already on February 27, less than three days after the start of Russia’s aggression, the ICM launched the free 24/7 psychological consultation bot Rozkazhi Meni (Tell Me). It was launched in cooperation with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and the President’s Office. On the website https://tellme.com.ua people can get free consultation and emotional help. The team of the platform works with the method of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is one of the most common forms of psychotherapeutic care for people with various psychological problems. A team of qualified specialists openly discuss people’s problems. In five days, more than 1500 hours of free consultations were realized by 200 volunteering psychologists. In three weeks, more than 40000 people used the free service.

A day later, on February 28, the education channel School_info was launched. It contains tasks in English, mathematics, logic, literacy, science, reading, physical education. Every day it publishes tasks for students from first to fourth grade, which help children who hide in shelters to study online for free. It currently counts over 572.000 followers. Since March 7, lessons for those in the fifth to ninth grade have been added to the educational platform Modern School.

The ICM work with a simple, well-proved model in cooperation with the official institutions. If the information does not come from government agencies, it is being checked with several official sources in parallel before publishing.

The responsibility for each channel has been equally distributed: there is a schedule and hierarchy of approval for each channel, common working groups for fact checking and approval.
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