Globo set for another great year
BY Yako Molhov
In this exclusive interview, Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo, talks about the success of Brazilian telenovelas in 2021 and what Globo has in store for 2022, as the company continues to grow internationally thru licensing deals and its streaming platform Globoplay.
Angela Colla
Angela, we could say that 2021 was a year of recovery for the TV industry. What was the year like for Globo in terms of return to production and adding new titles to the catalog?
Throughout 2021, despite all adversities to the market caused by the impacts of the pandemic, Globo reinforced its position as the largest audiovisual content producer in Latin America. Last year, we released more than 10 audiovisual productions in the international market and we strengthened our relationships in several territories through strategic partnerships and hit productions.

The year was also marked by Globo’s big hits worldwide. The telenovela Sweet Diva, which aired in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, Latvia, Porto Rico and Israel, also made history in the United States.

The success of the dramaturgy productions also helped Globo receive four nominations in the International Emmy Awards, the largest award in global television, especially with telenovela A Mother’s Love for Best Telenovela, and Globoplay Originals All the Women in the World for Best Film or Miniseries for Television.

In 2022 we have two big releases. The first is In Your Place, a telenovela written by Lícia Manzo (the same writer of the big international hit The Life We Lead) with artistic direction of Maurício Farias, telling the story of twins Christian and Renato (played by Cauã Reymond, Brazil Avenue), split when they were still babies, raised in completely different realities, without knowing of the existence of one another. This is a psychological drama filled with romance and thrill, addressing human and family conflicts.

Another one of Globo’s fresh releases is A Life to Die For, created and written by Mauro Wilson, winner of two International Emmy Awards for the series Sweet Mother and The Invisible Woman, directed by Allan Fiterman, also a winner of an International Emmy for the series Hidden Truths. The telenovela is a romantic comedy, refreshing and fun for the whole family.

Sweet Diva

What have been your bestsellers in the different markets and territories outside LatAm?
A few examples of big Globo hits are Sweet Diva, which already aired in countries such as Latvia and Israel, in addition to having made history in the United States. The production was an audience phenomenon in the primetime lineup of Univision with a significant performance, drawing 1.5 million daily viewers. In the final week, it ranked second in the US Free TV, ahead of channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC and The CW in the 10 PM slot.

Another great Globo production that was recently successful is A Life Worth Living, which aired in channels such as STV in Mozambique; RTC in Cabo Verde, TTV in Poland (in a slot never before used for telenovelas) and on the RTLplay platform in Belgium. In Portugal, the production was the leader in its timeslot and one of the most watched programs in Pay TV, increasing the slot viewership in 30% compared to the previous program.

Another product that has been gaining the spotlight in the market is Globoplay Original docuseries On Behalf of God, which has been licensed to RTL Deutchland for airing on the RTL Crime channel in Germany. The production reports the sex crimes and the duality of Brazilian famous medium João de Deus, a man who promised miracle healing, inspiring fascination and disgust.

Brazilian telenovelas are travelling all over the world. What makes Globo productions so attractive to such diverse audiences?
In 2021, Brazilian telenovelas celebrated their 70th anniversary, 45 years of which with Globo’s strong presence in heavy-weight productions for the international market. These productions are a phenomenon that has been reinventing itself all the time, earning over new audiences, not only in the linear media, but also in digital platforms. A great example of that reinvention and of genre-maintenance is the case of Hidden Truths II, the first telenovela produced for streaming, which we released last November. The provoking and captivating sequel of the success franchise, whose first part won an International Emmy for best telenovela and which has been licensed for over 75 countries, premiering as a phenomenon in Brazil on Globoplay. The sensual and blockbuster thriller, a Globoplay Original Production had the best premiere performance on the platform and has already recorded the historic number of 50 million hours watched on the platform since its release.

Our focus is producing and distributing relevant stories for several demographics and platforms, stories that have the power to move and make the audience relate to them, creating a connection with audiences all over the world. This is why we invest in creativity and talent, and it is also the reason we dedicate ourselves to research, monitoring and trend analysis actively listening to our audiences and to society, for keeping up with its trends and keeping Globo’s content, whether telenovelas or any other genre competitive productions and a great business driver to our clients and partners.

Hidden Truths II

What are the differences in the preferences of clients and viewers in Latin America and CEE, for example?
Regardless of the region, the audience is looking for good stories, stories that engage, move and create a connection. And, for the buyers, what is important is for the content to be strategic, relevant, to create good advertising value, a strength in client acquisition or retention. Stories with love, drama, conflict, that match the moment society is living. An example of that is A Life Worth Living that in 2021 was a big audience hit in many countries, among which Poland, Belgium, Uruguay and Portugal. That serves to show that good stories are a success anywhere in the world. That production reminds us that life is for being lived every minute, that every moment is precious and unique.

The last two years have been marked by the launch of many new VOD services. What is your business strategy for this segment? Globo is also set for a huge year in Brazil with a record number of premieres. You are also expanding the international presence of Globoplay. What are your expectations for 2022?
In Brazil, we have been investing heavily in the production of Original series for our SVOD Globoplay platform – diversified content with the goal of being drivers of acquisition and retention for the platform’s strategy. This content is also extremely strategic for the international market, meeting the growth trend of these VOD services around the world.

Globoplay doubled its production of Original productions in 2020, totaling almost 40 in 2021, including the first Brazilian Telenovela produced for streaming, Hidden Truths II. We offer various genres to our consumers. Our catalog offers drama, police thriller, supernatural series, in addition to docuseries, which have been winning over audiences all around the globe. These contents match the demands of these new digital platforms worldwide.

We recently released the second season of ecothriller Aruanas, and we have more releases projected to be released throughout the year, including new seasons of hit Original Globoplay series, such as the second seasons of Unsoul, We Are Five and Dissident Archangel, and season five of medical drama Under Pressure.
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