Feels Great to be Back!
BY Georgi R. Chakarov
It has been almost two years since our last issue but now you are once again holding TVBIZZ Magazine in your hands! We are all back at MIPCOM and talking business in person after a long two-year break and endless video calls. It sure feels great to be back in Cannes, back to the Palais, back to running from one meeting to another.

Sure, it won’t be the same – nothing is the same after the corona crisis; and hopefully we all learned new lessons after the pandemic and got stronger. The TVBIZZ Magazine team, just like everybody else in the business, suffered from the multiple lockdowns but isolation also provided us with the opportunity to stay more focused and gave us more time to improve and launch a successful plethora of campaigns like CEE Screenings, Series+, Formatcase, The Month of... and other new surprises coming up - so stay tuned! Of course, nothing of the above would be possible without your trust and strong support to us – on a personal and business level! There is no better time and place to say: “Thank you all, readers, partners and friends!”

In our first post-COVID issue, we decided to put the focus on success, on overcoming the difficulties and making it happen – even better than in “the old normality”. We kick off with the absolute pioneer and TV mastermind Ben Silverman whose company Propagate tacked the crisis like a champion and started producing even more shows in 2020/21. Then, we continue with a series of success stories. These include: RTL’s blockbuster strategy which reshaped the Dutch TV market; Global Agency’s 15 years of trend-setting business, and Mastiff Norway’s record-breaking 2020.

We also have several CEOs from various lines of the business – from distribution to broadcasting to streaming – who all talk about the new opportunities which emerged during and after the crisis and why making high-quality content pays more than ever before.

Two major trends emerged during “our time off”, so we will also direct your attention to the rise of drag and “bikini reality” shows. Cross-dressing and undressing at its finest!

Enjoy your reading!
Thank you!

The TVBIZZ Magazine Team
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