CEE Breakout Hits 2019-2020
CEETV and TVBIZZ Magazine present some of the highest-rated premieres in the CEE region from the past TV season.
The Masked Singer

The Korean format took CEE by storm during the past TV season breaking audience records in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary and Russia. This fall it launched with big ratings in Latvia, Lithuania and Romania.

Sugar Daddy

The Kvartal 95 comedy became the most-watched Ukrainian series of 2019 posting 6.5% rating and 22.9%share in the 18-54 (50.000+) demo in December. The total number of viewers of the series for the entire period of its showing was 11.4 million viewers in 4+ (all of Ukraine).

Wild Bees

Greece has not had such a big drama hit since the days of Mega’s The Island. The season one finale of the daily primetime series reached 2.2 million viewers with 36.2% share in the commercial demo and over 40% in total viewers.

Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes

The TV adaptation of the famous novel by Guzel Takhina broke audience records when it finally aired on Rossiya 1 in May this year. The Russkoe production became the most-watched Russian series for the past two years with over 20% market share.


The season one finale of Prima’s series hit nearly 1.5 million viewers in June scoring above 38% share. The show allowed the channel to beat main rival TV Nova in the slot of Rose Garden Clinic for the first time in 15 years. The average audience for the season was close to 1.4 million and the share above 32%.

Game of Fate

PRVA’s adaptation of Colombian format Nuevo Rico, Nuevo Pobre changed the game in Serbian primetime during the spring season reaching over a third of the commercially important audience. The second season is now on air.

Bridges of Us

With its spring run, Bridges of Us became the highest-rated original Slovenian series in the past 10 years. During the lockdown in March, the show reached the record-breaking 14.9% rating and 38% share in the commercial demo.

A Miracle

The Turkish adaptation of The Good Doctor turned Fox into the undisputed leader on Thursday nights during the past season. In September, the drama broke Resurrection’s record as most-watched Turkish drama since the change in the ratings panel with 18.69 rating and 46.35% share in the AB demo.

The Other Name of Love

Nova TV’s original drama The Other Name of Love premiered in September 2019 and became an instant hit in its daily primetime slot in Croatia. It averaged more than half a million viewers per episode and generated 40 million views on the web.

Profu/The Teacher

The Romanian adaptation of German scripted format The Teacher debuted with strong ratings scoring 23.6% share in the commercial demo in September 2019. More than half a million viewers followed the first season of the show.

New Life

JOJ’s daily series launched in early January as the most-watched show in its primetime slot attracting 544.000 viewers, with 23.4% share in total viewers. In the commercial 12-54 demo, the series had 304.000 viewers and 22.8% share, well above the channel’s average.

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