Your Moment: From the Netherlands to the Philippines coming to a screen near you
BY Georgi R. Chakarov
In a rare example for global television, Dutch and Filipino partners joined forces to create a brand-new talent format and two years later Your Moment was born. Launched in November in the Philippines, the show is already attracting the interest of broadcasters from all over the world turning Your Moment into one of the hottest new titles on the international market.

Georgi R. Chakarov spoke with the format creators about the complexities of creating such a big production working from both sides of the world. Anuska Ban and Floor van Hofvegen from Dutch Fritz Productions and ABS-CBN executive producer Reily Pablo L. Santiago Jr. were happy to share how the whole development process evolved and what are some of the elements that make Your Moment a unique production.
Pablo, you have a long history of adapting some of the biggest international formats. Why did you decide to make your own original talent show?
Yes, ABS-CBN has been the home of the biggest formats from around the world. Format brands that have been very successful in other territories worldwide. With the experience throughout the years and relationships built with other production houses and distributors, we as a company want to explore our strengths outside our country.

Reily Pablo L. Santiago Jr., ABS-CBN executive producer

Why did you decide to work with a Dutch partner?
We have been working with Anuska Ban since 2005 for season 1 of Big Brother in the Philippines. We have built a good relationship with her and gained trust with each other. Anuska has experience in other territories and we asked her if she can help us conceptualize a very good format that could travel the world.

How complicated was the process of creating a new show for you as a broadcaster?
Since we are in two different continents and time zones, the creative and production process was a bit complicated. But with the new technology and a world-class professional team behind Fritz Production and ABS-CBN, we managed to successfully pull it through.

Has the format lived up to your expectations and are you planning more seasons?
I am happy to share that we launched Your Moment in the Philippines on November 9 and 10, and up to this day, we still control the number 1 slot in our weekend primetime block.

How is ABS-CBN promoting the show internationally and have you been in talks with other parties to license the format?
ABS-CBN formally launched Your Moment last October at MIPCOM. We also promoted Your Moment in December at the ATF in Singapore. The international community was very enthusiastic about Your Moment as a format and we have been in contact with some broadcasters and production houses entertaining inquiries regarding the format.

What other novelties can we expect from ABS-CBN? We hear you have created a Writers’ Room with American consultants…
Aside from Your Moment, we also have other unscripted formats that we are pitching to other parties as well. ABS-CBN is also very strong in narrative formats and have a very wide selection of drama series in our library. Some of our titles have been travelling around the world and are constantly developing stories that would endear all audiences across the globe. Currently, we have an existing partnership with Dean Devlin’s Electric Entertainment for an American television series, and a co-production with a Turkish content production company for the adaptation of ABS-CBN original crime drama Hanggang Saan. It will be re-titled as A Mother’s Guilt, and it will air on Fox Turkey.

Anuska Ban, Dutch Fritz Productions
Floor van Hofvegen, Dutch Fritz Productions

Anuska, Floor, how did you get involved in the development of the Your Moment?
We have been working for ABS-CBN since the start of Pinoy Big Brother. At that time, we were still working for Endemol International. In 2006 we started Fritz Productions and since then we have been involved in the final casting of Pinoy Big Brother. Two years ago, ABS-CBN asked us to develop together an international format.

Was it an easy decision to start working on this project? What were your first steps?
It was not easy to start working on this project because the culture is different, and the communication is not always easy because of the distance between Amsterdam and Manilla. The first steps were to create a Dutch team of specialists for the brainstorm meetings. We created a small team consisting of a director, a set designer and us two.

Tell us more about the people who helped create the show. How long did it take you first to fine tune the format and later to turn it into a live-action production?
Set designer Dirk Debou created the immense set with the rotating tribune for the jury and the audience. Rolf Meter, the director and co-creator, took care of the look and feel of the format and the content together with the creative team of ABS-CBN and Fritz Productions. Later on, we asked a light designer from the Netherlands to join us and a graphic designer. A year ago, it became more serious and together with the creative team of ABS-CBN we developed Your Moment. Last February, there was a go from the channel and in April the set designer, the set construction designer and the light designer went for the first time to the Philippines to explain the set and the lighting plan. We hired a music director and a graphic designer for the graphics and the voting system. In June, we taped the first episodes in the brand-new studio of ABS-CBN. In total 8 people from the Netherlands worked together with the team of ABS-CBN.

Which are the key elements that differentiate Your Moment from other talent shows?
This is a 2-in-1 reality show featuring a rotating set with the jury and audience on it. We have two stages, one for singing and one for dancing; two hosts, one for singing and one for dancing. The three judges are the same for dancing and for singing. There are three 3 moments of judging - the so-called ‘Wow Moments’: after 20 seconds (shot in black and white) and after 60 seconds and 90 seconds. Judging is done by an emotion meter. The judges have to turn the knob 3 times during the performances (at the 20th, 60th and 90th seconds) to give points to the performing acts. The average score of the 3 judges determines the ranking. Only duo’s or groups can participate in the format. We have five different rounds: Your First Moment, Your Wildcard, Your Moment of Choice, Your Moment of Power and Your Grand Moment. The announcement of the candidates who will go on to the next round is done at the end of the show and not directly after the performance.

Is this an expensive production? Will it be easy to adapt in other markets?
The most expensive part is the rotating set. Even this part can be constructed in a cheaper way. For the rest you can compare it to any other talent show. You can adapt the set easily to other studios. The only thing is that you need two stages and the rotating set (but you can build this set also in a smaller version).

The show has been Number 1 in its slot in the Philippines. Have you received interest from other broadcasters?
In the Philippines, the show airs in the Saturday and Sunday primetime. Since the start we are number one in the slot and on Saturday also the number one in the Top 20 ranking for the day, on Sundays we are always in the Top 3. The same counts for social media with Your Moment being a trending topic every weekend.
There is interest from other broadcasters; especially from Latin America, Asia and Western Europe.

How hard is it to develop a show from both sides of the world – The Netherlands and the Philippines? This certainly makes your creation unique.
It was not always easy to develop Your Moment from both sides of the world. As long as you respect each other, and you believe in the format you can achieve a lot. We have learned from each other and we are proud that we have created Your Moment together.

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