Things Will Happen Here Before Anywhere Else
BY Georgi Chakarov
Nearly ten years after In Treatment (BeTipul) redefined HBO and started the Israeli conquest of the US television market, people in this industry are still trying to unravel “Israel’s secret recipe” to being one of the most dominant content creators on a global level. I believe the answer is somewhere in there, in the very essence of this show and all the other hit series and formats coming out of this country. In one word – daring.

There is no other TV market in the world taking more risks with innovative, unforeseen, and in the case of drama - controversial shows challenging our understanding of the world and the human soul. Another thing that sticks out when I think Israeli content is its universal appeal. How do I define this? Let’s say you watch a bunch of shows from different countries – you would always be able to recognize which one came from the US, UK, Nordics, Turkey, but the appeal and production value of Israeli shows is so universal that it is very hard to pin them down to a certain country, unless it is mentioned in the credits. No one can beat that.

That is what makes Israeli formats so easy to adapt in any part of the world – from a very religious and conservative Malaysia to colorful India, modern Europe and sleek USA. All of these and more than a hundred other countries now look to Israel when they search for quality content, less than ten years after In Treatment put the country on the world television map.

Having built an immaculate reputation (without major marketing campaigns and overblown investments), Israeli creators continue to define the global agenda of television content. More and more local companies are building their own creative teams, attracting young and driven people of various backgrounds with the goal to create shows that burst with a wow effect on the international TV scene.

At the same time, the domestic market remains equally important and challenging as it enters a new (revolutionary) phase as Keshet and Reshet become separate, full-blown channels this year; as new players enter the pay TV market and threaten the domination of HOT and Yes and open new opportunities for Israeli creators; as Netlfix is already commissioning shows directly from local creators, and as changes in local legislation will guarantee greater IP revenues for the independent producers.

Small as it may be, Israel is certainly one of the most-vibrant, competitive and innovative markets in the television world right now. Things will happen here before anywhere else and we will hear about them first, here in Tel Aviv.

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