The BIG Challenge
BY Georgi R. Chakarov
Lost clownfish
The broadcasting business is facing its biggest challenge to-date, on a global scale. The days when things were simple and easy for TV are now gone. The survival race is on, until the very last breath! Who will survive and make it into the new age of daily at-home entertainment is hard to tell, but one thing is certain – we are witnessing a major shift which will completely change the way this game is played.

The old entertainment empires not only want to stay in the game but also remain among those who set the rules. The way to fight with the tons of cash poured in by the tech giants and Netflix is to throw in even more cash. That can only happen with even bigger corporations leading to mergers which seemed unthinkable in the past; like Murdoch selling his TV mastodon to Super Mouse Disney. The same counts for AT&T and Time Warner and more similar deals about to happen, not only in the US.

TV is no longer enough. Just take a look at what John de Mol is doing in the Netherlands – biggest radio chain, four commercial TV nets, big web portals and most recently a news agency, and on top of that one of the biggest content producers delivering over 40 new formats every year. Some might think he just wants to have everything, but he is actually trying to stay relevant and guarantee his place on the Dutch market when everyone else (RTL is struggling already) has lost the battle to Facebook, Google and Apple. Other companies would be well advised to follow his example.

The content machine is being pushed to the limits as IP ownership is the solid ground on which the new foundations of the business can be built. But even more investments will have to be made in building new platforms and marketing strategies in order to reach the viewer/user with the show that s/he exactly wants to see. Because everyone in this vast ocean of video is like a little clownfish lost without a clue. The goal is to catch as much fisheyes as possible with the uttermost colorful offer that can be found in every corner of the Deep Blue (Screens).

But beware! Innovation and development of new technologies will sweep this ocean in no time!
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