Kanal D preps for first original production in Chile
BY Yako Molhov
Turkish daily Milliyet reported in November that Kanal D has signed an agreement with Chile’s Mega to produce a 10-part series which will become the first Latino co-production project of the Turkish TV giant. This is just one of the first steps of Kanal D International’s plans to expands on the Latin American market as Mikaela Perez, Sales Executive for Americas, tells Yako Molhov.
Mikaela Perez
Mikaela, what were the highlights for Kanal D International last year and what is your strategy for 2018?
2017 has been a great year for Kanal D International. We have been able to reach more territories and distribute our content to more broadcasters. On top of reaching more channels which is our main goal, we also look for other business opportunities that will strengthen our relations in the region. During MIPCOM we launched a brand-new department that will take responsibility for coproduction and is currently seeking for projects to co-develop.

Kanal D has signed a partnership with Chile’s Mega for the production of an original series. Could you tell us more about this deal?
We have signed a coproduction deal with Mega and we are working on it, in the near future we will be able to give more details more about our plans.

What are your plans for the Latin American TV market? Have you planned other local productions?
We have great content this upcoming 2018, most are currently in production but we will be able to present them during NATPE. This will be a great opportunity to showcase one more time that Kanal D is one of the biggest content producers and distributors from Turkey. We have more than 100.000 commercial hours and 60.000 episodes available with great stories that are still fascinating the audience in Latin America.


You recently joined Kanal D as Sales Executive, Americas. What are are the main territories you would like to expand your business to?
Our objective is to be able to distribute, strengthen and find new opportunities that will bring us closer, develop new projects and bring more opportunities to the company.

What will be Kanal D’s major hit titles (currently in production) in 2018?
This year we will be airing one of the highest budget series in Turkey - an epic story about Mehmet the Conqueror of Istanbul. At MIPCOM 2017 we were able to show a teaser of what the story and production will be like and at NATPE we will have more content to show.

You have expanded your partnership with US distributor Somos Distribution. Are you working with other partners in the LatAm region and have you planned cooperation with new partners?
As of now we are very happy with our partner Somos and we have been able to build new strategies to reach more clients and find new exciting projects that are being evaluated by our team.

What are your bestselling titles in LatAm?
We’ve had great success with Fatmagul, Forbidden Love, Bidding Farewell, Time Goes By, War of the Roses, Destiny, Mercy, Matter of Respect, For My Son, Secrets, Innocent and Wounded Love.

Time Goes By...

You have sold numerous drama series in Latin America. Have you signed deals also for your entertainment programs, documentaries and movies?
We have been discussing some of our documentaries, programs and movies with some of our clients so hopefully by next year we will be able to distribute them as well.

You also operate one of the most successful VOD platforms in Turkey. Are you planning to expand its reach on the international market?
BluTV is the biggest VOD platform in Turkey, we would like to be able to expand our windows and be able to reach all markets with content that will suit every territory. As of now, we operate for our Turkish audience in other territories but our goal is to be able to broadcast in more languages with more content from every territory. ▪
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