ATV brings big hits to NATPE Budapest
ATV Distribution is attending NATPE Budapest with a number of hits this year. Müge Akar, Sales Director for CEE, CIS and Asia, tells us more about the highlights in the catalog of the Turkish distributor.
Müge Akar, Sales Director for CEE, CIS and Asia
Müge, what are ATV’s latest hit titles that you are selling this year at NATPE Budapest?
ATV’s new big hit Hercai is our main focus this year. It has been the Number 1 show in Friday primetime and has carried this flag for the whole first season. While Hercai succeeded to reach 30% share on the local market, Lifeline also maintains its success. Also, ATV’s first daily drama Don’t Leave Me will be promoted at NATPE Budapest.

Hercai was the biggest launch of the spring season in Turkey. To what do you attribute its great ratings success? Have you already closed distribution deals for Hercai?
Hercai has a great story that tells an epic love that tries to stand up against the revenge and the dynamics of a traditional Turkish family. Sub-stories are as powerful as the main storyline and this increases the variety of the represented themes. Also, the story takes place in the southern part of Turkey and the atmosphere is very unique. Romania and Uzbekistan have already acquired Hercai as a proof of its massive success. ATV is negotiating more deals which will be announced soon.

What other titles have made the headlines this season?
ATV’s rating record holder drama Lifeline is going very well with its second season and it will continue for a third season. In addition, Grand Family which is a long-running powerful Turkish drama is back in ATV’s catalog. It focuses on a family that is on the top of a mafia clique. Hercai will also continue with season 2 in the fall. We will launch new drama series during the summer period and if they prove to be a success, it would be possible to move them to the main season.

Your catalog consists of over 40.000 hours of TV content. What are your clients looking for in terms of genres, what are the latest trends?
Our clients would like to have premium dramas and our goal is to bring high quality productions to our clients. Recently, love stories are pretty popular because of their intimate storytelling. Further, the dramas that help to increase social awareness on public make the audience question the right and wrong. Also, the daily series running from Monday to Friday are in demand, since they are shorter in terms of episode duration and the big number of episodes is also an advantage. Don’t Leave Me fills this gap in our catalog.

What is your distribution strategy for 2019? Will you be expanding to new markets this year?
ATV is always working to widen its horizon and seeking new markets all the time.
We attended World Content Market at Moscow this year and this was our first time at this event. Africa, Asia and Russia receive our attention this year and we would work more on these new territories.

ATV is selling content to over 60 territories. What are your key markets?
MIPCOM is still the most important market for us since we can meet with almost every country which we deal with. Regional markets such as NATPE Miami/Budapest and MipCancun are also very effective. ▪
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