A Second Chance leads Globo’s NATPE roster
BY Yako Molhov
Brazilian content powerhouse Globo is coming to this year’s NATPE Miami with great new productions, led by the latest hit telenovela A Second Chance. Yako Molhov talked with Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo, about the main highlights in the catalog and also asked star actress Adriana Esteves about her role in the series as the evil character Laureta.
A Second Chance
Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo

Angela, what are the newest hits that Globo is bringing to NATPE Miami 2019?
We are taking a very diversified catalog to Miami, with about 20 productions, including telenovelas, series, limited series, super series, films and unscripted formats. I would highlight two hits. First, the telenovela A Second Chance, from the writer of Brazil Avenue, which tells the story of young Luzia who falls in love with a decadent singer. After her family is torn apart, she becomes a fugitive from the police and comes within the sight of two relentless villains. The telenovela reached an average of 45 million viewers per episode in the Brazilian primetime. Also, the telenovela The Other Side of Paradise was a hit in its timeslot and is one of our bets for the international market. The plot deals with current and universal issues, such as violence against women, racism and homophobia. It reached an average of 50 million and peaked at a record of 62 million viewers. The telenovela also aired on SIC, in Portugal, where it led its slot.

It is worth mentioning that the productions we will be presenting at this year’s NATPE include some titles already launched during the most recent markets, highly praised by the market players and the audience, such as Harassment and Iron Island – produced exclusively for Globoplay – as well as If I Close My Eyes Now and the second seasons of Under Pressure and Jailers, just to name a few.

What have been some of the most-successful telenovelas for Globo in 2018 that you are selling at NATPE?
The two telenovelas mentioned above were aired in primetime in Brazil. Our catalog, however, also features other productions that have been extremely successful in their slots. There are three good examples that aired in Globo’s access. Pride and Passion is a romantic comedy inspired by the universe of English writer Jane Austen. It had an average daily reach of 29 million viewers. In Portugal, where it was broadcast by Globo, it ranked among the most watched programs on pay TV.

Another hit we are taking to Miami is the medieval super production God Save the King. With a reach of more than 45 million viewers for its last episode, the telenovela involved meticulous and impressive work in technology, costumes and set design for the building of the kingdoms where the story takes place. It also aired in Portugal, where it secured Globo’s leadership among the country’s pay TV networks. Crashing Into the Future is about a family of the 19th century which spends 132 years frozen and wakes up on a beach, nowadays. It humorously shows the characters’ cultural shock, as well as improbable romances. The telenovela caught the attention of Brazilian viewers from day 1, reaching over 40 million people and a 46% share, the best result for a first episode in its slot since 2013. In Portugal, it was the best debut of a telenovela on Globo and has been increasingly attracting an audience of under 25 years of age. I would also like to point out the super series Land of the Strong, a beautiful and intense female western shot in the Brazilian backlands. The story, which revolves around interrupted romances, rivalries, fights for justice and revelations of the past, had an average daily reach of 26 million viewers in Globo’s late prime.


What are your goals for NATPE Miami 2019? Have you closed many deals for your latest titles before the market?
As well as presenting our catalog, we are expecting to share ideas and foster new partnerships and business models. During our event with partners and press on the morning of the first day of the market, Globo’s senior executives will share the company’s movements, businesses and strategy to provide consumers with the best content, in line with industry trends. We want to show Globo’s potential as a creator, producer and international distributor of high quality and relevant content that fits the most diversified platforms. We have had great achievements recently, like the announcement of the co-production with Telemundo International Studios for Jugar con Fuego, an adaptation of the limited series Doomed which aired in Brazil in 2014 and has already been licensed to more than 50 countries.

We have also sold series to Sky Italia and RTL Crime which airs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, as well as the streaming services of AMC Networks for the territories of America, Europe and Oceania. I also want to mention the strategic agreement with the Spanish giant Atresmedia. This agreement allows more than 10 million households in the United States and Latin America to have access to 500 hours of original Globo content per year in both regions through the Atreseries pay TV network. It is also worth noting that our telenovelas have gained great relevance in the Middle East in recent years, with great acceptance by the market players and the audience.

Could you tell us a little bit more about A Second Chance which stars International Emmy nominee actress Adriana Esteves?
A Second Chance is a family drama that discusses the role each individual plays in their own life story. The writer, João Emanuel Carneiro, known for creating irresistible links and catchy situations, bet on unexpected outcomes for the plot, reaching record ratings of almost 54 million viewers. The telenovela is set in Bahia, a state in northeastern Brazil, and one of the country’s most sought-after tourist destinations. The area is known for its natural beauty and paradise-like beaches, as well as for its cuisine and the influence of the African culture. The story mostly takes place in Salvador, the state capital, where local colors, music, climate and history intertwine. The plot required intense immersion in the local culture with scenes shot in the cities of Porto Seguro, Salvador, beautiful Trancoso, as well as at the Estúdios Globo located in Rio de Janeiro.

Adriana Esteves, Actress

Adriana, in a nutshell what is the storyline of A Second Chance?
A Second Chance tells the story of people who have had surprises in their fates. People that want and deserve a second chance.

You play the role of the evil Laureta in the telenovela. What attracted you to this project in particular?
Laureta was a character created by the great Brazilian telenovela writer João Emanuel Carneiro, author of Brazil Avenue, a huge success that aired in hundreds of countries. Brazil Avenue was our first partnership. Carminha was the name of my character in it. She was a great character, perhaps the greatest of my career in telenovelas. The big surprise for me was to be graced again in A Second Chance with Laureta, a beautiful and rich character by the same author.

You also play the victim of harassment in the limited series by the same name by writer Maria Camargo. What is this project about? Is it based on true events?
This limited series is based on a true story. It is an excellent work by Maria Camargo, and by the great director Amora Mautner. The limited series is extremely well done and addresses a very serious topic, in a very important way, from the standpoint of the complaint and the strength of the bond between the victims. This work was crucially important to me. I became very committed to the cause.

What are the main differences between shooting a primetime telenovela for TV and a limited series like Harassment for an OTT platform?
The work in a telenovela is much longer and the volume is much higher. In addition, it is an open work. This requires a lot of organization, creativity and “athlete stamina” (laughs). The work on the limited series ends up being more condensed and requires a lot of concentration while doing it. But, in fact, what really matters in both is to have a good character in a good story.

The issues of sexual harassment, movements like metoo; etc. have been in the focus of society all over the world lately. How did you address this delicate and important subject with your role in the limited series?
My participation in the limited series was a possibility to pour my heart out and make a complaint. It is a chance, with my craft, to take a stand and give my opinion about the causes I fight for and believe in. As actresses, we were in position to scream and represent all the women who have quietly suffered for thousands of years from harassment and sexual abuse.

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